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Morris 157 signature

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This bamboo packed powder board will give your ride a new dimension.  It gives you the smoothest runs,  the nicest turns and the biggest smiles. Designed and shaped by  “Meteo Morris” and the POWFINDER crew.  Constructed  with the best materials available and crafted with love. This  is the next level in European  snowsurf performance. Release date: Fall 2017.  Regular  price:  599,-

Morris 157 Signature specifics

length (mm)                              1570

float (sqcm)                               4148

running length (mm)               1100

tip width (mm)                          320

nose length (mm)                    360

waist width (mm)                     270

tail width (mm)                         291

avg. sidecut radius (m)            8,3 (progressive tri radius)

setback (mm)                            25

adjust. range(cm)                     50-68

inserts                                         14 + 12

rider weight (kg)                       50-90

topsheet                                     Bamboo veneer-Carbonized

glassfiber                                   Combo-Triax

core                                            MBC: Bamboo/poplar

base                                            Stonegrind P-TEX 5000+ black electra

bend                                           Powfinder Camber( 5 mm)

sidewalls                                   Bamboo 


Reviews (4)
  • MORRIS 157 Signature

    The Morris 157 Signature combines supreme materials and outstanding performance with a simple, clean and classic design. It’s a high end snowsurfer for a descent price. Providing the best possible  board control when you are enjoying the smoothest turns, or charging hard in the deepest stuff.  Build with the best materials, based on decades of snowboard and freeride experience. “Bring back the smile by riding with style “
    Looking for something bigger? We got a 164 version in the pre-order


    POWFINDER snowboards tech specs

    Our use of  Bamboo results in the lightest, most durable, and most responsive core material available.   Constructing our sidewalls out of  Bamboo  leads to  a smoother ride at higher speeds. No shatter: It  gives you that extra grip you need at high speed carves. We have chosen the  P-Tex Electra 5920+  stonegrind Sintered  base. Simply one of the fastest bases around. All edges have a wider profile, larger anchorpoints , and  a mix of different hardness ratings to be the most durable for their intended purpose. The more energy you put in it – the more fun you get out of it.

    Powfinder Camber and Mixed Bamboo Core

    Whether in deep and heavy snow, or in tracked out daily slope, the “Powfinder  Camber” of the Morris 157 Signature will bring the full  potential of the board in action. The riding is smooth and easy whatever the surface condition is. It will turn aggressively if you push hard on it, and would cruise graciously if maneuvered gently. A nice low early rise nose rocker offers easy float and maneuverability while the Powfinder  camber underfoot provides premium edge hold and ultimate response. The reinvention of the rounded swallowtail makes it more durable, lively yet torsionally stiffer. It  Providing the best possible  board control when you are enjoying the  smoothest turns in the deepest stuff.  The unique Morris MBC (Mixed Bamboo Core) uses a blend of vertical laminated Bamboo Strains with just a tiny touch of Poplar . Morris MBC creates the best performance , responsiveness and absorption ratios.

    Feel , touch, bend  and smell The Morris 157  Signature?

    Want to see  the real deal  before placing an order?  Drop us an line  or send us a message through Facebook  or Instagram and we will get back to  you. We have the Morris 157 Signature  available in The Hague, Amsterdam and even in Northern Dutch Countryside. We will be presenting our POWFINDER snowboards at the WePowder Freeride Film festival , November 3rd 2017 in Amsterdam




  • Reviews
    1. 5 out of 5

      spra-ke-loos! Top design goeie prijs.Japanse snowsurf voor de Lage Landen

    2. 5 out of 5

      Bamboo beauty! Let it snow!! Cheers T.

    3. 5 out of 5

      Wat een schitterend board hebben jullie ontwikkeld en gemaakt mannen !! Fantastisch dat dit in ons platte land zo leeft ! Complimenten.

    4. 5 out of 5

      ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik ben erbij!
      Zin in de winter!

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